Roman Blinds in North London - Modern or Traditional, Formal or Informal

Made 2 Measure Express Ltd

Roman Blinds

Whatever style you are looking for, whether it be modern or traditional, formal or informal, you will find a suitable roman blind from our wide range of styles and fabric choices
The popularity of Roman Blinds has seen a huge increase in recent years, and we make several styles from our express 10-14 working day range, with over 500 fabric options, to a fully remote controlled Silent Gliss option (expensive but very nice!)

Made 2 Measure Express Ltd

Our Assurance of Quality

All our Blinds are produced to the highest standards from the finest quality components and each blind is individually inspected to ensure that your blind will give you years of trouble free service. Good advice is essential and so to be certain of making the right choice contact us for for help when making your selection. We are kept up to date with the latest product information so you can be confident about our advice on measuring, installation and care of your blinds. We would be pleased to show you our full colour and styles or other types of blinds.

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